Friday, 30 November 2012

The end of term quiz

My teaching this term is slightly odd - one batch at the beginning of term, another running fairly normally through the term and my 3rd year Reading Uni students completing their first eight-week hit from me yesterday.

Both seminar sets finished with a term quiz. The best score was 15...not quite as high as I'd hoped.

Here are the questions - have a crack at them, I'll post the answers next week.

1. What was Harry Truman’s middle name?

2 What role did George W Bush hold prior to his election as President?
  • Senator for California
  • Congressman for Houston
  • Governor of Texas
3. What happened on October 4 1957?
  • Launch of Sputnik
  • Launch of Yuri Gagarin
  • First man on moon
4.  In what year did the French withdraw from Indo China?

a)      1945                    b) 1955               c) 1954
5. The Tet Offensive occurred on the Vietnamese equivalent of:
    a)      Christmas                         b) Easter             c) New Year

6. Peter Davis’ 1974 Oscar Winning Film is called:

a)      Platoon                                b) Hearts and Minds                      c) The Deer Hunter

7. Who was the last man on the moon?

a) Gene Cernan                                  b) Charlie Duke                              c) Buzz Aldrin

8. Who was Jimmy Carter’s Foreign policy nemesis

a)      Ayatollah Khamenei       b) Ayatollah Khomenei  c) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

9. Who’s the tall guy?

10. What did Truman describe his entry into the Korean War as?

11. Who shot JFK?

12. In Presidential terms, who’s the odd one out?

a)      Gerald Ford       b) Harry Truman    c) Lyndon Johnson

13. Complete this sentence: “I shall go to......”

14. Name three military interventions carried out by the Clinton administration.

15. The CIA was mandated to overthrow the Government of Guatemala by President...

a)      Nixon    b) Kennedy        c) Eisenhower

16. Who’s this?
17. Who was George W Bush’s Secretary of Defence?

a)      Colin Powell            b) Condoleezza Rice                           c) Donald Rumpsfeld

18. What position did Bess, Mamie and Rosalynn all hold?

19. What was SDI more commonly know as?

20. Which was the only foreign state invaded under Reagan’s presidency?

21. Who was President when man first walked on the moon?

22. 1968 was famous for the summer of:

a)  peace    b) love  c) hate  d) understanding

23. Who are these two?
24. What is the key principle of the Nixon Doctrine?

25. Who is the most famous peanut farmer in US history?

You can, of course, always leave your answers as a comment.
an  b) Charlie Duke  c) Buzz Aldrin